European Product Design Winner 2019

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario – (July 25, 2019).  European Product Design Winner 2019

Smarter Design Products is thrilled that the MobileLivingWall has won an award from the European Product Design Award.

The MobileLivingWall has won Honorable Mention in the Professional “Design for Society Eco-Sustainable Design” category of the 2019 ePDA.  

“We believe in the value of good design which combines form and function with aesthetics. Good design also where principles of sustainability are incorporated into the product, “Sharolyn Mathieu Vettese said.  “Europeans are known to appreciate good design, so this is an important recognition of the MobileLivingWall.  We think the European market is ideal for the MobileLivingWall.”

The European Product Design Award™ recognizes the efforts of talented international product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations in partnership with the European Parliament. The ePDA shares their innovative and ground-breaking products with the world.

Smarter Design Products is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures in Canada green accessories for the digital world.