Solidworks Designing

o you need a prototype of your design? Or, a customized fixture for production? Do you need manufacturing drawings or 3D printing model for a part?

Do you want to show your investors a 3D model or a rendering of what you envision your product to be?

We use a licenced Solidworks program to design creations from an idea to manufacturing because Solidworks can simulate everything before being built -- from the outside to the inside and down to the bolt. It can simulate moving parts so that you can see how each part and the whole will perform.  This saves you manufacturing costs.

Design changes at the designing stage means fewer prototypes. Prototypes cost at least ten times more than the designing stage. Solidworks saves time and money at the prototype stage by tweaking a few parts instead of starting again. Solidworks drawings are also manufacturing ready, which also saves you time and money.

A good design is money well-spent.

Even though Solidworks is an excellent tool, its capabilities are only realized in the hands of a competent and experienced designer engineer who is also knowledgeable in manufacturing processes. This is what we offer.

These days, products should be designed from the outset with its life-cycle in mind, starting with the types of materials and assembly to ensure a small environmental footprint, and disposal cost. This is especially important if your product becomes. This is what we do.

Our hourly rate is $90. Contact us to discuss how we can help you transform your envisioned product into reality.