To help make your buying decision easier, here we answer common questions regarding our products. 

About the MobileLivingWall 

Why is the MobileLivingWall made in Canada, and not some cheaper place?

--It is important for us to know our suppliers, their products, and their labour force, which add value to ours, the MobileLivingWall.  We want to support the local economy and be socially and environmentally responsible because more consumers are making informed choices.

Buying local is an important part of being sustainable.

Why is the MobileLivingWall more expensive compared to somewhat similar units elsewhere?

--Other units are not similar because we have a U.S. patent-pending on the MobileLivingWall.

The MobileLivingWall is a unique design made with quality sustainable material in a small batch production, not mass production.  You won’t have to buy again to replace it.

We also don’t sacrifice the environment and labour in making the MobileLivingWall so that empowered consumers can buy guilt-free.

Do you stand by your product?

--Yes, but be aware that wood is a natural product, and subject to individual nuances in colour and grain, which add to its beauty, and is normal.  There is the possibility that the wood may crack or warp depending on its surrounding environment’s temperature and humidity, but this too, is normal, and we are not responsible for this, if it occurs.

Why is it important for the MobileLivingWall to have the Ontario Wood seal of approval?

--Because the MobileLivingWall meets the government standard for a product made of sustainable locally grown and harvested wood. 

Lumber is made from living trees, and for it to be sustainable, it requires knowing the source.  Once processed, it is virtually impossible to identify lumber that has been harvested sustainably, or not.  That is why the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry established the “Ontario Wood” standard to help consumers identify local producers, distributors, and supporters of Ontario wood products. 

When consumers see the” Ontario Wood” logo, they can feel confident they are supporting local jobs, and that the lumber have been harvested under some of the highest environmental standards in the world.

Is the MobileLivingWall made of solid wood?

--Yes.  The MobileLivingWall is made from solid, sustainably-sourced Ontario maple wood.  It is also furniture-grade finished for indoor use.  Solid wood is beautiful and durable since it won’t fall apart like particle board, or composite wood.

Can the MobileLivingWall Fit Through Doors?

--Yes. Easily.  The MobileLivingWall can be easily manoeuvred and pushed with one hand with, or without, the added weight of living plants, and soil. It can easily go into an elevator. 

How many parts have to be assembled for the MobileLivingWall?

--Two.  The base is attached with the 4 bolts provided using a wrench.