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Do you want to make your brand permanent on wood, leather, or plastic, and look good, too? Consider hot or cold branding for your company brand! Get it done once, and your brand looks good for a very long time without fading or deterioration. This was the original definition of a brand, which was quite primitive, to prevent property theft. 

We can digitally convert your brand design, simple or complex, into a hot or cold brand for your item.  Your company brand will look sharp for a very long time.  No more worries about fading, sneaky removal, or deterioration.  Your brand looks distinctive, too!! Your item is branded once, and it stays on.

Size of brass branding surface:  Up to 150mm (6") by 75mm (3"). You also get a pattern.

We can arrange everything for you from creating the digital version of your brand design, which is required, to beautifully branding your item lots. 

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