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Get the HUMIDOR PROGRAMMABLE AIR CIRCULATOR for your cigar humidor to evenly circulate the humidity throughout your sealed environment from end to end and from top to bottom. Great for your stacked cigar boxes, or loose cigars stored in a cabinet, tupperdor, or coolidor.

No more mold! No more dry cigars! No more damaged cigars! Say goodbye to unplugging the fans, or humidifier to control the humidity, and then forgetting to plug them back in!

Normally, humidor fans run continuously, which is a waste of energy, but with the HUMIDOR PROGRAMMABLE AIR CIRCULATOR the fans' frequency and duration are programmed to turn on for a specified amount of time at a specified interval. This also means less wear and tear on your fans, thereby ensuring a longer operating life to protect your investment.

Cigars need to be stored in a sealed environment to maintain a continuous and constant humidity for optimum condition, flavour, and burn of the cigar.  The HUMIDOR PROGRAMMABLE CIRCULATOR does this, and it is designed to be plug and play, and worry-free.

The HUMIDOR PROGRAMMABLE AIR CIRCULATOR is an integrated unit that connects the two blower fans that are attached at opposing inside walls of your tupperdor or coolidor where needed to properly circulate the humidity. It works well with an electronic cigar humidifier, BOVEDA pack, or humidifier pad.

Cigars are an investment, and a long term one.  Like fine wines, cigars need proper storage conditions to ensure years of enjoyment, and to prevent damage.

The HUMIDOR PROGRAMMABLE AIR CIRCULATOR can also be used for cannabis stored in a controlled environment.

Designed and made in Canada by Smarter Design Products.

You can choose one of the following programmed settings for your HUMIDOR PROGRAMMABLE AIR CIRCULATOR: 

--On for 1 minute every 15 minutes

--On for 3 minutes every 30 minutes

--On for 5 minutes every 60 minutes

 Scope of Supply

Based on the Arduino microcontroller, and includes

1-Control unit

2- 2" (5cm) Blower fans

Wire harness with ribbon cables

Power supply (no batteries)